Funny lesson anecdotes

Welcome! This page is a funny archive of anecdotes from fellow musicians and music teachers who have been kind enough to share funny moments from their educational lives.

If you yourself have some funny stories to share, please send them my way either in the comments box or via the contact page, you will of COURSE be quoted how you wish.

Me: “what does f stand for?” Student: “Farage?”

– Ben K.


Student: “I really like this piece. I’ll never forget it”
*pauses for 5 seconds*
“I’ve forgotten how to play it”

– Ben K.


Student: This is too hard.
Me: No it isn’t you’ve played this perfectly well what happened?
Student: *shrugs*
Me: Were you reading the notes?
Student: No
Me: Were you even looking at the page?
Student: No, I got bored and started thinking about dinner.

– Anonymous


Me: “What note is that?”
Year 5 student: “Key signature?”
Student: “Oh I know what that dot means! It means dickato, doesn’t it?”
Me: “Do you mean staccato?”
Student: “yes”

– Ben K.


“I couldn’t practise this week because we have a ghost in my house”

– Ben K.