Colab Day 4 – Bring the 1990s to the 1890s

The day before the concert and though we started our arrangement of a 1990s pop song into a rag we haven’t finished it, here are some pictures from yesterday that I forgot to upload of some of our workings.  For comic value but also for rhythmic and harmonic reasons we chose I’m A Barbie Girl by Aqua and Mambo no. 5.  For those who missed out on the 90s here are also some links to the originals.  We initially wanted to work with current chart music but the harmonies and structures are SO simple that it is impossible to turn them into rags without making them completely unrecognisable.   Hence the 90s seemed like a fun, funny time to look back on our primary school days and hope people still remember these songs.


Today we also decided to write a new chorus to “I love a piano”.  Based on the other lyrics and written together we had a lot of fun with this.

The beautiful Taylor singing “I love a Piano” for us

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