Part of the reason I started this blog, came from necessity.  As part of my degree, I have to create a blog, show a few skills, all about publicity.  Part of this requires that I create a poster of an event that I am taking part in, so I felt that the most apt of these was the most significant recital of my year that I blogged about last week.  The 21 Candles – Come Sing and Dance recital.

Below, is the actual artwork, beautifully designed by my cousin Jess, of Jessica April Art, and below that, is my own awful attempt at poster work.  Knowing full well that I am no artist!  I kept to one rule – KEEP IT SIMPLE – simple colour scheme, simple image, simple information… So it is nowhere near as bad as it could’ve been I hope! —- but if you happen to think that it was excellent, then feel free to contact me for a commission! (joke, please don’t) Thank you!

Come Sing and Dance PosterEA poster

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