Music and Laughter

Last week I talked about my quintet’s struggle to pick a name, and finally, after turning up to rehearsal last Sunday and – despite my list of what I thought were wonderful suggestions – we have decided to go with “the Risatina Quintet”.  SO! Without further a due I would like to announce that the Risatina Quintet is at last open for bookings!

“Laughter is the music of life”

A little history of the word might help to explain why we actually chose this word.  “Risatina” is an Italian word that means to giggle, something that we spend much of our time doing in rehearsals, and on balance, a much better name that “the Sussurators” (A suggestion of mine that I thought was extremely funny, susurration means whispering or rustling, something I didn’t actually know, but I thought it sounded really funny… anyway…) or “the Pipeau Quintet”.  These were of course not really as good as I had thought in my head, and although Risatina is not my idea of the perfect name, its meaning certainly reflects our group dynamic.  Though secretly I still really like the idea of the Susserators…

If you are at all interested a link to our sound cloud is below! And more, much more vibrant and interesting music will be on it’s way!

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